Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fashion with My Best Friends

Jessica is an amazing video blogger! This was us yesterday, enjoying life, thrifting and being random!

We got lost after thrifting and ended up at the home of the Lions in San Jose!

Makes me so excited for the Fall Fashions to Come!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Traveling Soul...

You can't make up your mind about where you want to be in this huge world of beautys to see, and things to do. You can't imagine spending your life in one spot, with only few little adventure to look forward too. You need to be consistantly moving through life. Sometimes you doubt where you'll end up in the end, but with so many places to see and learn about I think you'll figure out exactly where you want to be in the end. Take action in your life to move forward, but always slow down before you hit that bump in the road, because you don't want to be stuck again, when your only a little farther away from you next big adventure! Make sure to plan ahead, because you don't want to have to pack it on back home cause something like cash runs out before your ready!

This is funny.

I am home sick today, and was realizing a few things.

One: Unlike many of my amazing friends, I do not know what I want to do with my life. Not really! I mean i just want to keep trying new things and finding as many little loving moments that I can!

I think that is why my Blog has never really taken off. I sort of get distracted by the new thing to try that day, like surfing or whatever and go with that.

Two: I have yet to accept that this is me! So here I go!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

How To Wear a Scarf Top! Guest on Jessica's Blog!!

Hey! Check out my Best Friend Jessica's Blog! She is such an amazing inspiration to me, with her love for life!

And guess what? She encouraged me to do a video on how to wear a scarf top- and posted it on her site! It is really cool to see that people like it, or have used the advice!

Anyway if you would just love some fashion tips of the day, you should check her out! She is super fun and super cute!

Love and Peace!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Last night I was with my friend Summer, and we were discussing Joy. I think it is interesting, because a lot of time we think of Joy as being something that we feel only when things are all lined up and perfect. For example, a day could be going AMAZING:

No traffic
On time to work
Beautiful People
Beautiful Trees
Beautiful moments in the trees with people

annd then one thing, just one can SUCK THE JOY FROM US.

We all have that one thing. The one dark shadow that creeps up on us in life. Some of us, its personal judgement of how we think we should look, or be or act. Others, its that negative person, or the media.

SO Here is the Deal: I challenge YOU!!!! In those moments, I CHALLENGE you to:


I know you are thinking I am crazy, but here is the scoop.

We will always have a million and a half things, that are so willing to suck all of our joy from our bodies and souls.

But guess what, there is real love constant and flowing in this world. Tap into it in those moments.

I am not saying fake it, I am saying, count the blessings.

AS a naked stylist, I wear the Joy. I put on my boots, or wear those amazing sun glasses. and smile with the joy that I am me.

People will find your style so much more unique and interesting when you wear joy, than the latest fashion.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mike Posner- Warped Tour

Little known facts about Mike Posner:
1. He does not like candy
2. He thinks the names Starr, Boots, and Jessica are ALL very original and unique
3. He greets people a la European

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Return

Hello Everyone. I definitely have been gone quite some time! Life has been happening quite fast these past couple of months! I have officially graduated from UCSB (woo hoo!) and moved up to Santa Cruz, so that I could save some money, while working full time at Kruz Kids summer camp, which has been PHENOMENAL! I absolutely fell in love with the fact that my job is:

Fun and Games! I am paid to play and act like a kid
New and Exciting, everyday is an adventure!
Spiritually Nourishing.

Which brings me to my new space of life.... just living each day, day by day. New and Exciting things approach you when this happens!

Just this past week I have discovered some amazing things about myself:

1. I am an enthusiastic Tambourine player
2. I can sing
3. I LOVE kickboxing
4. Zumba makes me happy, and look like a dork
5. Serving others, really can serve yourself
6. Being a vegan is easy in Santa Cruz
7. It's a carrot, its a healthy treat! May be my favorite song a kid has ever taught me!

Anyway I am hoping to get back to blogging regularly! Please look for me and my NEW FOUND INSPIRATION!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back in the Day

Found this image as I was going throughs some old photos.

Last Summer... going downtown. WOW I WAS TAN.

Which reminds me! Remember to wear sunscreen!

Anyway I will be returning to my normal blogging of inspiration and outfit this week! No more HIATUS!

Love Love


One of the best things about living in California: Sunny weather almost all year round. AKA no FASHION LIMITS!!!

For example, as a design student in Dance and Theater at UCSB I can feel like my life is soososooo busy at times! The little things just slip away so fast.

This photo was taken on Sunday, my boyfriend Jeff and I were sun soaking as I waited for Jessica and Lindsay, and all i can say is i went to sleep that night full of happiness and meaning

When concentrating on what to wear:

remember it is not what you wear its how you wear. I know that sounds cliche. But its true! Boldness to have fun, try new things can only come from a sense of Grace and willingness! I may look like a fool, but at least i look graceful doing so!

I have little reminders that i like to give myself. one is often a written reminder to breathe on my wrist, the other is a red band that my boyfriend and i both wear, and the new one is the arm band, that really is a head band. My inspiration for this was actually grecian women from classic athenian imagry. I think new spins on the old are what being postmodern is all about!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Been GONE!

Okay, I have been a slackerrrrrrrr. Luckily My Bestfran Jessica reminded me to keep on truckin:)
Which brings me to my biggest influence in style: FRIENDS!!!!

LoveloveLOVE Jessica's style! She is fearless in layers, and colors and does makeup like a rockstarrrrr. Because of her, I often remind myself to break fashion dos and don'ts and have fun! This girl has swagger and so can you!


Looks like a rockstar and is photo ready: For you what does that mean? Is it that vintage necklace you found in that awesome thrift store years ago? Is it that KILLER pair of Doc Martens? Finding a piece that just screams you and working with it is a great jumpstart.

Tonight I was on a date and was feeling very nostalgic and wanted to remember times of proper dress and manners ( silly right?)

So i dressed very Jane Austen inspired and had an empire dress. FELT like sitting up strait and enjoying a meal like a dance:)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 6- Warm linen curtains and the Sea

Sunday:) I used to not enjoy Sunday's because it meant that tomorrow is Monday. But today has been such a wonderful day. I woke up to the sun... went for a run to the warf and came back and realized i felt so.... Blessed.

For today i wanted to indulge in the mundane, and the little things. The beauty of this picture is the enjoyment in just watching the sea, and i can feel the warm wind.

White= bold. it is a life statement, like here i am and i love it:)

Let me know what you think? Have and inspiring picture and want to see how i dress? comment and i will!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 5- Sunny Santa Barbara

Today was sunny! Woke up to blue skies and my nature side of me longed to become one with it all... yes i am a bit of a literalistic in that i saw the blooming colors of this tunic and its washing of the body is warmth and growth.

Growth, a good word for me right now:)

Enjoy the floral. Even in winter. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the cycles of winter do go to a warm bountiful place. Why not show the world with a funky story of style.

SILHOUETTE TIP: Tunics are fun because they are great for cold weather. I am a HUGE fan of deep indigo jeans with a wide bell. They are super flattering on everyone! They show off whatever the best feature of your leg is and they go with anything.

As someone who likes to dress up with what the world is, A good pair of classy jeans are a good investment and are like blank canvas! They can go whatever way you want them to:)

only inspiration... not labels....:) let me know what you think!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 4- Two Year Old Kaila goes to Grad School

So for my graduate School i had a really hard time finding an outfit! Does this ever happen to you? This happens to me when i am going:
To a job interview
On a date
Design Meetings and Presentations

What gives? I think its because in all those things i really want to show "me" and who i am. The problem is i start thinking about wearing the entire kitchen sink because we have soooooo many things that makes us into the lovely amazing unique people we are. So lucky me after going through my closet i saw this picture of me when i was little. I love the dark contrast with the figure of me in the middle, and that my little self added a touch of color to a very even white pallet. Also i look so happy! And usually that is who i want people to see.

So i started with a grey scale balance of tailored pieces ( two layers of leggings cuz new york is COLD!) and then dug out my black white and turquoise cowboy boots for fun. I got them at a vintage store in new york city for 15 bucks!

And you know what? Sunday came and i had 17 interviews, and most of the school heads told me "love your boots! you from California?" or "those are an amazing find and such a fun choice"

Style inspiration from my two year old self:)

Day 3- Like a Rolling Stone

Hey Everyone! Sorry for lagging on the past few days! I was in New York City for Graduate interviews for Costume Design! Very exciting:)
SO for my day of traveling across America i was listening to some Good Old Classic Rock and Roll. OF COURSE the Stones came up. What i love about this image is the relaxed comfortability that the guys have with eachother. The all are a little different but they make an amazing ensemble. My focus goes to Mick with the Rolling Stone's Tongue which is of course red. So for traveling purposes i mixed and matched and gave myself a strong red to remind myself:

I know its only Rock and Roll but i Like it! Upbeat and ready i had a crazy day but i kept my Stones confidence (even when i lost my red hat at the airport!)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 2- Carey Grant Traveling

Still raining in Santa Barbara, which means it i have to stay in my rainboots and layers! Woke up this morning with visions of To Catch a Thief....which changed to visions of Carey Grant since weather is a TAD bit more torrential... Since today is going to be one of those days of "back and forth" traveling from school and meetings i realized i wanted to stay composed, graceful and charming. Much like this photo of Cary Grant! Traveling through rain and wind Cary Grant style:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 1: A French Harbor

I live in Santa Barbara, which is usually quite sunny and gorgeous. The water is falling from the sky! I am also reading Melville for my English Class. There is something to be said for sailing through the rain. It truly is a navigating feat when your school was built with no worries to flooding. Also the French appreciate so much! To appreciate the rain i remembered some of my French cohorts and their inspiring outlooks of life such as 2 hour lunches and the appreciation of all that is aesthetic:) Even Santa Barbara Rain!