Monday, June 28, 2010


Last night I was with my friend Summer, and we were discussing Joy. I think it is interesting, because a lot of time we think of Joy as being something that we feel only when things are all lined up and perfect. For example, a day could be going AMAZING:

No traffic
On time to work
Beautiful People
Beautiful Trees
Beautiful moments in the trees with people

annd then one thing, just one can SUCK THE JOY FROM US.

We all have that one thing. The one dark shadow that creeps up on us in life. Some of us, its personal judgement of how we think we should look, or be or act. Others, its that negative person, or the media.

SO Here is the Deal: I challenge YOU!!!! In those moments, I CHALLENGE you to:


I know you are thinking I am crazy, but here is the scoop.

We will always have a million and a half things, that are so willing to suck all of our joy from our bodies and souls.

But guess what, there is real love constant and flowing in this world. Tap into it in those moments.

I am not saying fake it, I am saying, count the blessings.

AS a naked stylist, I wear the Joy. I put on my boots, or wear those amazing sun glasses. and smile with the joy that I am me.

People will find your style so much more unique and interesting when you wear joy, than the latest fashion.


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