Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 4- Two Year Old Kaila goes to Grad School

So for my graduate School i had a really hard time finding an outfit! Does this ever happen to you? This happens to me when i am going:
To a job interview
On a date
Design Meetings and Presentations

What gives? I think its because in all those things i really want to show "me" and who i am. The problem is i start thinking about wearing the entire kitchen sink because we have soooooo many things that makes us into the lovely amazing unique people we are. So lucky me after going through my closet i saw this picture of me when i was little. I love the dark contrast with the figure of me in the middle, and that my little self added a touch of color to a very even white pallet. Also i look so happy! And usually that is who i want people to see.

So i started with a grey scale balance of tailored pieces ( two layers of leggings cuz new york is COLD!) and then dug out my black white and turquoise cowboy boots for fun. I got them at a vintage store in new york city for 15 bucks!

And you know what? Sunday came and i had 17 interviews, and most of the school heads told me "love your boots! you from California?" or "those are an amazing find and such a fun choice"

Style inspiration from my two year old self:)

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