Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 5- Sunny Santa Barbara

Today was sunny! Woke up to blue skies and my nature side of me longed to become one with it all... yes i am a bit of a literalistic in that i saw the blooming colors of this tunic and its washing of the body is warmth and growth.

Growth, a good word for me right now:)

Enjoy the floral. Even in winter. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the cycles of winter do go to a warm bountiful place. Why not show the world with a funky story of style.

SILHOUETTE TIP: Tunics are fun because they are great for cold weather. I am a HUGE fan of deep indigo jeans with a wide bell. They are super flattering on everyone! They show off whatever the best feature of your leg is and they go with anything.

As someone who likes to dress up with what the world is, A good pair of classy jeans are a good investment and are like blank canvas! They can go whatever way you want them to:)

only inspiration... not labels....:) let me know what you think!

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