Saturday, April 3, 2010

Been GONE!

Okay, I have been a slackerrrrrrrr. Luckily My Bestfran Jessica reminded me to keep on truckin:)
Which brings me to my biggest influence in style: FRIENDS!!!!

LoveloveLOVE Jessica's style! She is fearless in layers, and colors and does makeup like a rockstarrrrr. Because of her, I often remind myself to break fashion dos and don'ts and have fun! This girl has swagger and so can you!


Looks like a rockstar and is photo ready: For you what does that mean? Is it that vintage necklace you found in that awesome thrift store years ago? Is it that KILLER pair of Doc Martens? Finding a piece that just screams you and working with it is a great jumpstart.

Tonight I was on a date and was feeling very nostalgic and wanted to remember times of proper dress and manners ( silly right?)

So i dressed very Jane Austen inspired and had an empire dress. FELT like sitting up strait and enjoying a meal like a dance:)

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