Monday, April 19, 2010


One of the best things about living in California: Sunny weather almost all year round. AKA no FASHION LIMITS!!!

For example, as a design student in Dance and Theater at UCSB I can feel like my life is soososooo busy at times! The little things just slip away so fast.

This photo was taken on Sunday, my boyfriend Jeff and I were sun soaking as I waited for Jessica and Lindsay, and all i can say is i went to sleep that night full of happiness and meaning

When concentrating on what to wear:

remember it is not what you wear its how you wear. I know that sounds cliche. But its true! Boldness to have fun, try new things can only come from a sense of Grace and willingness! I may look like a fool, but at least i look graceful doing so!

I have little reminders that i like to give myself. one is often a written reminder to breathe on my wrist, the other is a red band that my boyfriend and i both wear, and the new one is the arm band, that really is a head band. My inspiration for this was actually grecian women from classic athenian imagry. I think new spins on the old are what being postmodern is all about!

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