Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going out of Style?

Where oh where did the Naked Stylist go you may ask?

Well my friends- its been a sabbatical of the soul- from traveling to Italy, starting a career with the phenomenal fashion activewear company Lole Women, and a world of healing and integrating- I finally am back to my wardrobe and ready to share the artistry of wearing nothing but inspiration.

So what do I bring to the canvas this time? I bring a life in progress, a life of immense healing, and a fire in the belly so big and great that I must share my musing with you. 

Just a few reminders as we begin this journey:
1. Your beauty, and style is only a reflection of the light in you. When we pick a wardrobe to express this light, to illuminate, the depth of your beauty will out shine anything you ever imagined!

2. Your style is not just material. Its emotional, physical, and spiritual. When we tap into all three we are free from the ego that tells us we belong to a style tribe. I change from day to day- inspired by the flow of reality :)

I am so happy to be back, ready to journey with you in your soul style, and finding the beauty throughout you!

Much Love!

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